Play free online Asteroid Dust game to destroy and dodge asteroids

Right now Play Asteroid Dust online for free, this is a game to destroy and dodge asteroids from your spaceship, you go through space in your spaceship flying through fields of asteroids, your mission is to avoid colliding with them and destroy the ones that most you can.

Juega gratis online Asteroid Dust

Play for free Asteroid Dust

In the different levels you will fly through different planets and enter asteroid fields of strange and very dangerous rocks.

This game is currently under development, on this page we will be reporting the latest developments.

Controls to play free Asteroid Dust:

Move the ship with the arrow keys.

Change weapons with the numbers 1 and 2

Shoot with the space bar.


The loading time of the application can be several minutes depending on your internet connection.


The Windows version of Asteroid Dust is available, you can download the installer from the following link of, after downloading the installer you must run it to install the game on your computer.

Asteroid Dust is a game in development so it is incomplete and needs your comments to become what you want, so please leave your comments at the bottom of the page


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