Multiplication and Addition Game, Math Tower 2

Multiplication and Addition Game Math Tower 2

Welcome to Math Tower 2.5, the game that will turn math learning into an exciting adventure! 🚀 Specifically designed for our little ones to practice basic operations while immersing themselves in an unparalleled playful experience.

🌟 Imagine a magical tower where each level is an exciting math challenge. Operations appear as flashes at the top of the screen, waiting to be solved. But here’s the fun part: answers are built by catching numbers that appear on hopping frogs, playful birds, effervescent bubbles, or simply falling from the sky like drops of knowledge!


  • MathTower 2.5

The goal is clear: correctly answer 10 operations per level to achieve victory! And every time you conquer a level, the tower grows, reaching the majestic height of 20 levels!

⏰ But beware, time is of the essence. You have only 15 seconds to solve each operation. If the clock runs out or you make a little mistake, don’t worry, our friendly character will give you the correct answer, and the fun will continue!


Math Tower is not just a game; it’s your ally in mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Struggling with multiplication tables? No problem because if you take too long to find the answer, the game will reveal it to you – a perfect opportunity to learn while you play!

And that’s not all, do you want to practice English and Spanish? Math Tower is also your language teacher! Operations and answers are pronounced with enthusiasm so you can learn numbers in both languages.




What makes Math Tower extraordinary?

🧠 Basic Math Practice: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

🎉 Playful Experience: Designed for children’s enjoyment.

📈 Levels and Growth: A tower with up to 20 levels that grows with every victory!

🎮 Interactivity: Build answers by catching numbers in the game.

🌈 Immediate Feedback: We highlight correct and incorrect answers.

⏱️ Time Limit: 15 seconds to solve each operation.

🗣️ Language Learning: Operations and answers in English and Spanish.

🔢 Memorization of Tables: Helps memorize multiplication tables.

📊 Progress Tracking: A bar chart at the end of each level.

👧 User-Friendly: An intuitive and accessible interface for children.

🎨 Graphics: Beautiful 2D graphics. 🎶 Music: Accompanied by fantastic instrumental music!

Get ready for an exciting math journey with Math Tower! 🚀🔢🌟


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