Play the first level of counting fun for free

Now you can Play the first level of counting fun for free: Learn to Count in Spanish and English, this is a beautifully illustrated educational game designed to help children learn to count from 0 to 100 in Spanish and English. With an interactive and easy-to-use interface, children can directly associate quantities of objects with numbers while hearing the correct pronunciation in both languages. 


This game includes progressive levels to make learning gradual and fun. In the first level, children will learn to count up to 5 and 10, and then progress to higher numbers, including 20, 30, 50, and finally, 100. 


With Counting Fun, children can enjoy hours of learning and entertainment while improving their numerical and linguistic skills. Learning to count has never been so much fun! 

How to play? 

In Counting Fun, children will engage in a delightful activity where they retrieve balls from a candy vending machine using a lever. As the balls drop into a container, they are counted out loud in either English or Spanish. Once all 10 balls have been collected, the child can return them to the vending machine using another lever. The exercise can be repeated as many times as desired, and the language can be easily switched by pressing a button 

Play the first level of counting fun for free: Learn to Count

The loading time of the application can be several minutes depending on your internet connection.


Teaching Methodology

Experience an interactive and effective teaching methodology that helps children grasp the concept of quantity. Through this game, the child can retrieve items from one container and transfer them to another, visually observing the number of elements in each container, which changes with each addition. 

Auditory stimuli

Furthermore, whenever the quantity changes, the child receives auditory stimuli in English or Spanish that pronounce the corresponding number. To reinforce the concept of quantity, each time an item is added, all the elements in the container lose their brightness and are then counted aloud as each item shines again, until all the elements are shining once more. 

But that’s not all! Every time the child accumulates 5 items, the game celebrates with a fireworks display, rewarding the child for their progress and good performance. 

Words of motivation

Additionally, the game constantly motivates the child with words of encouragement and motivation, spoken aloud. Discover an exciting and encouraging educational experience with this interactive game! 

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