Video games development

Free tools to develop video games.

Herramientas gratuitas para desarrollar videojuegos


The business

I start by commenting that the video game business generated revenues in 2021 of $46,000 million dollars in China and $40,540 million dollars in the United States, therefore investing in this industry can be an interesting alternative.


What is necessary?

The basic elements for the development of video games, which include training, machines to create games, development tools, graphic editors, video editors and even virtual assets such as digitized cities and characters are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Drawing in Inkscape    


Who can do it?

In conclusion, the development of video games is one of the technological areas in which any country can participate.

And most importantly, this industry should be considered as an important alternative for job creation.

How to do it?

Consequently, I want to share my experience as a video game developer (I only do it as a hobby).

All this with the aim that many people know the potential of this opportunity that cyberspace offers us.


Free tools to develop video games.

To end in that section I will be publishing what for me are key topics to get started in this area, for example the free tools to develop video games.


DaVinci Resolve Free Video Editor

DaVinci Resolve Free Video Editor Description: DaVinci Resolve Free Video Editor is a video editor that combines professional tools for editing, color grading, compositing visual effects, creating graphic animations and mix audio in a single program. So you can download the free version of DaVinci Resolve to edit the trailer or the progress of your … Read more

Inkscape free program to draw in 2D

Description Inkscape is an excellent free program to draw in 2D at all levels, both as amateurs and professionals, the technology used is vector graphics, this means that your drawing is basically a list of commands that tell the program how to draw, a great advantage One of this technology is that no quality is … Read more

Unity: Machine to make video games.

  Unity: Machine to make video games for iPhone, Android, PlayStation, Nintendo, Windows, Mac and other platforms in 2 and 3 dimensions. Unity is a machine to make video games, you can make games for mobile phones, for computers. additionally publish them on the App Store, on Steam, on Google Play, on the Windows Store … Read more


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